Maria Virumbrales-Munoz, Assistant Professor, UW-Madison

Mehtab Farooqui, MD student


Ross Vitek, Resident at Washington University

Mouhita Humayun, Post Doc at MIT

Duane Juang, PhD student, Department of Chemistry, National Tsing Hua University, Taiwan


Patrick McMinn, Salus Discovery


Brian Johnson, Assistant Professor, Michigan State University

Bridget White, Medical student, Carle Illinois College of Medicine

Keon Young Park, Surgery Resident, UCSF

Yasmin Alvarez-Garcia, lecturer Dept of Chemistry, UW-Madison

Karina Lugo-Cintron


Tony Jimenez-Torres, CTO, Onexio Biosystems

Scott Berry, Associate Professor, University of Kentucky

Jay Warrick, Director of Research and Development, Salus Discovery

Jiaquan Yu, Post Doc at MIT

Max Gong, Assistant Professor, Trine University

Megan Livingston, lecturer Dept of Chemistry, UW-Madison

Jake Tokar, Engineer at GoDx Inc.

Molly Morgan, Post Doc at UCSD


Hannah Pezzi, Siemens Healthineers


Patrick Ingram, Senior Development Engineer at Berkeley Lights

Loren Scallop, currently at Epic Systems


Jose Jimenez-Torres, PhD, currently Manager Microtechnology Core, University of Wisconsin

John Guckenberger, PhD, Siemens Healthineers

Ted de Groot, PhD, currently at Lynx Biosciences

Layla Barkal, PhD, Resident at Stanford University Dept. of Medicine

Sonalee Barthakur, MS

Mary Regier, PhD, currently postdoctoral fellow, Stevens Lab, University of Washington

Andy Siedschlag, BS, currently Design Engineer at GE Healthcare


Kyung Sung, PhD, currently at the U.S. Food and Drug Administration

Ashleigh Theberge, PhD, currently Assistant Professor at UW-Seattle

Xiaojing Su, currently Technician at UW-Seattle

Erwin Berthier, PhD, currently VP, R&D and Technology, Tasso, Inc.

Won Hong, PhD, currently Senior Engineer at Biogen


Caitlin Rugani, MS, currently Product Manager-Implementation at Epic Systems

Sarah Montanez-Sauri, PhD, currently Scientist at Platypus Technologies

Alex Howard, MS, currently R&D Engineer, OptiEnz Sensors

Farsh Moussavi-Harami, PhD, currently MD student at University of Wisconsin

Lindsay Strotman, PhD, currently Research Scientist at PGXL

Ben Casavant, PhD, currently VP, Operations and Engineering at Tasso, Inc.

Lauren Bischel, PhD, currently Post-Doc at U.S. Naval Research Laboratory


Jennifer Loeb, MS, currently Global Product Manager, Genomics at Promega

Rachel O’Connell, MS, currently at PPD

Steve Peery, MS, currently medical student at University of Wisconsin

Chandresh Singh, MS, currently at Kimberly Clark

Peter Thomas, PhD, currently at Fluidigm

Eric Sackmann, PhD, currently senior R&D Manager at LabCyte, Inc.


Keil Regehr, PhD, currently at Epic Systems

Bo Chao, MD/PhD, currently Oncologist at Ohio State University

Carolyn Pehlke, PhD, currently and US Patent and Trademark Office

Rachel Mosher, MS, currently Upstream Process Development Technician at Catalent Pharma Solutions

Edmond Young, PhD, currently Assistant Professor at University of Toronto


Maribella Domenench Garcia, PhD, currently Assistant Professor at University of Puerto Rico

John Puccinelli, PhD, currently Faculty Associate at University of Wisconsin

Jongil Ju, PhD


Maria del Carmen Lopez-Garcia, PhD

Megan Frisk, PhD, currently Associate Editor at Science Translational Medicine


Amy Paguirigan, PhD, currently Scientist at Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center


Vinay Abhyankar, PhD

Swomitra “Bobby” Mohanty, PhD, currently Research Assistant Professor at University of Utah

Mike Toepke, PhD, currently Senior Process Engineer at Dow Corning


Dongshin Kim, PhD, currently Scientist at Brandeis University

Hongmei Yu, PhD, currently Staff Scientist, Stanford University

Ivar Meyvantsson, PhD, currently CEO MentisCura


Ben Moga, MS, currently President Tasso, Inc.

Abhishek Agarwal, PhD, currently Research Engineer at Northwestern University

Javier Atencia, PhD, currently Researcher at NIST


Dave Eddington, PhD, currently Associate Professor at University of Illinois-Chicago

Jaisree Moorthy, PhD, co-founder GanaLila LLC

Krishnakant Nammi, MS, currently Clinical Project Manager at Philips Healthcare


Henry “Gripp” Zeringue, PhD, Manager, Predictive & Analytic Modeling at Highmark, Inc.


Mike Bassetti, MS, currently Senior Interfaces Consultant at Vonlay

Glenn Walker, PhD, currently Associate Professor at North Carolina State University

Joe Bauer, PhD, currently Scientist at Draper Labs